ROCK SALT ( Halite )

Egypt Globe supplies all commercial grades of Rock Salt from Egypt for use in the Chemicals , Food industries , snow clear of roads, runways and highways through an exceptional supply chain delivering shipments from our Halite mines in Siwa and graded in our stocking area on front of Export Gate of Damietta Sea-Port so that largest vessels can be loaded within few working days with loading rate exceeding 8000 tons/day.

Egypt Globe started its Rock Salt trading and Sieving operations few years ago , and achieved firm steps towards expanding in Europe, USA and Canada Markets. Recently, Egypt Globe Started mining operations for the Egyptian Rock Salt in one of the best spots all over the world which is Siwa oasis in Egypt producing a premium grade Bulk Rock Salt (Halite) with purity up to 99%.


provides a variety of sodium chloride products for both commercial and residential uses. With access to the best mines and resources available, our product stock is certainly considerable.


Directly From the Salt works to the salt crystallization area, where NaCl precipitates from brine forming the Raw Salt piles. After the complete removal of the excess moisture from the salt and making sure that there is no brine will drain from the salt during handling and storage the salt is ready to be delivered in its raw shape in bulk or packed

ElementResults Min (%)Results Max (%)Analysis Method
Purity as Sodium Chloride 98.098.8ASTM E534/2003
Moisture 0.501.0ASTM E534/2003
Water Inslouble Matters0.400.80ASTM E534/2003
SO40.500.70ASTM E534/2003
Ca++00.10ASTM E534/2003
Mg++0.100.15ASTM E534/2003
CaSO40.400.70ASTM E534/2003
MgSO40.200.35ASTM E534/2003
MgCl20.010.15ASTM E534/2003


Super Bright salt with no impurity and high concentrate of Sodium Chloride makes it ideal for a lot of chemical industries and other de-icing applications especially that it is safe on humans and animals.

ElementResults Min (%)Results Max (%)Analysis Method
Purity as Sodium Chloride 98.599.2ASTM E534/2003
Moisture 1.502.50ASTM E534/2003
Water Inslouble Matters0.250.30ASTM E534/2003
SO40.250.35ASTM E534/2003
Ca++00.10ASTM E534/2003
Mg++0.100.15ASTM E534/2003
CaSO40.250.40ASTM E534/2003
MgSO40.100.15ASTM E534/2003
MgCl20.010.10ASTM E534/2003


Premium Halite

Our salt begins with the ancient seas surrounding the Siwan Oasis. Located in Egypt’s western desert, Siwa is rich in the byproduct of this evaporated ocean. halite. which is characterized as high sodium chloride, which reaches more than 99.5% and the moisture percentage average 0.5 % : 1% with the production rates up to one million tons a year.


What is Halite

Premium Salt

Rock salt, or Halite, is mined all over the world. The byproduct of dried up enclosed seas and ancient lakes, the resulting halite was, over time, covered in sediment and natural material. Mining for this salt requires locating and extracting sodium chloride from vast stretches of underground salt beds. Egypt Globe specializes in just this type of extraction. Focusing on both the indigenous salt mines and on the Siawa Oasis in Egypt, Rock salt extracted from Siwa boasts a purity of 99% with a maximum moisture content of 1%


Bulk & Packed

Depends on  your needs, we offer a variety of packaging and shipment options for our Egyptian rock salt products. Supplying to countries worldwide, we often ship rock salt in bulk utilizing various vessels sizes and containers.

Depending on your country’s regulations and restrictions, we can come up with a solution and packaging option to deliver your Egyptian mineral product safely and efficiently. Additionally, we can fulfill smaller orders and package rock salt in jumbo bags or retail bags for convenience of use and delivery.