EGYPT GLOBE GROUP - Salt Applications

Depending on the type or kind of salt that determines their characteristics and typology, and according to the package on which the salt is presented, we can classify the major applications

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Deicing and Snow melting

Sodium chloride or road salt is the deicing agent that melting snow or prevents ice forming and hence it is the most used agent in the world for its great advantages over other solutions.

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Softening, Water Treatment and swimming pools

The chemical composition of the salt and its content in Na (sodium) and Cl (chloride) allows the salt to be used in different industrial and chemical processes such as descaling in water treatment and saline chlorination in the field of swimming pools.

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Retail, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets

The consumption of domestic salt is general and present in our homes, kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, in different packages and presentations formats tailored to the demands and habits of different consumers.

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Gourmet salts are all those special innovative salts that by their special crystallization process and their different physical and chemical composition from the common table salt confer gourmet salts their organoleptic value so very different and special.

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The main application of salt in Agriculture is its use as an additive for the conservation of fresh fodder such as corn, grasses, legumes and alfalfa by storing in silos.

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Usually the salt is in very small amounts in forage crops and natural pastures, and its presence and dose of intake naturally is insufficient for basic needs of the animals.

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General Industry

Salt is used in multiple industries in general (Chemical, Textiles, Tanneries) and various Food Industries (Hams, bakeries, etc.) Either as an ingredient or as part of a process to obtain a finished product.

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