Purchase Transation Procedures

  • LOI must be not older than 3 work days, addressed to  Egypt Globe Co.
  • LOI must contain specs, target price, payment instruments.
  • LOI must contain shipment destination (destination must be non-embargo ports).
  • BCL must indicate an available value at buyer's account as necessary to complete the required deal ( For shipments quantity more than 12,500MT upon CIF - CFR basis only.
  • Enquiries without LOI will not be formally responded too.
  • Buyer's bank must be top 50 European or American, otherwise top 25 confirming bank will be provided.
  • SBLC pricing stands for the entire contract value.
  • FFDLC pricing stands for the entire contract value.
  • DLC pricing stands for monthly shipments value.
  • LC revolving per each shipment will not be acceptable.
  • Only transferable L/C will be acceptable. Non-transferable L/C are not negotiatable.
  • 2% PB will turn the L/C operative - never the other value/way.


We are sellers and occasionally due to restrictions put by our insurers we act as facilitators in front of other fellow sellers.