Egypt Globe LLC  is a Kingdom business that started as a family owned and operated business based in Egypt and later grew into a large conglomerate with diversified investments in strategic sectors including:  


Who We Are?

We are a large and successful conglomerate that encompass a huge supply chain, which incorporates Mining, Processing , Transportation, Distribution, Management and Financial Services.

Egypt Globe LLC.  is your trusted Minerals & salt supplier – we extract, evaporate, and refine good quality salt for you!

Egypt Globe LLC. is one of the Egypt’s major mineral industry excelling in the production of minerals and added value Initially originating in the Salt Industry and international logistics as a family owned and family operated business, we worked towards the expansion of our minerals products and the continuous management of their quality and purity-value .

Egypt Globe LLC.’s hard work and dedication to supply a variety of minerals at international standards to multiple markets led us to a renowned kingdom of minerals & salt business – a large and successful conglomerate that encompass a huge supply chain, which incorporates Mining, Processing , added value and Packaging, Transportation, Distribution and Management and Financial Services.

Egypt Globe LLC.  is a large-scale Salt Provider – with best-quality and substantial variety!

The Logistics of our group demand a series of necessary actions to extend the promised quality and quantity of salt to our purchasers. Starting from Mining, we ensure that our mining techniques are fairly consistent and compatible with the environmental conditions. After the raw salt is extracted, we acknowledge additional services like salt crushing, milling and sieving that ensures the consistency of material grains and guaranteed purity, sieving , refining and packing that involves washing, drying, screening and packaging of the products, and finally warehousing, transporting, and stevedore.

Why Choose Us?

We Acquire The Best Methods

All products at Egypt Globe LLC. are mined, produced and distributed following strict principles of product safety, purity and hygiene. We emphasize on even preventing the most minute or remote possibility of cross-contamination of all products – our exemplary effort to administer the sieving and quality with precision and accuracy have secured us a unique and meritorious position in the bulk industry.

Our Business Understands You, Your Needs

Being a remarkable ambassador of the minerals processing and Egypt Salt Industries, we focus on our customer satisfaction. We produce high-quality bulk minerals to meet the demand of every customer in line. Our commodity is sufficiently mined and customized to offer different forms and types of products with satisfied quantity, and admirable quality.

We Are Dedicated Salt Manufactures

Egypt Globe LLC. doesn’t only focus on improving the product quality, but also focuses on innovation in production techniques and close integration with other minerals manufactures around Egypt and other areas. We produce edible grades of salt in our facilities – its purity value is defined by the fact that we do not use any chemicals or artificial additives during the refining of our product. Our products are known for 100% organic and natural value.

Our contribution to the environment sustainability is immense; our methods are harm-free and we utilize pollution-controlled maneuvers of mining and manufacturing salt.

Our Vision

Egypt Globe LLC. envisions to establish a firm base as Number 1 in Egypt, serving both domestic and international markets with commodities processed in compliance with international standards, ensuring best-quality served to our customers

Our goal is to establish a longterm market for our commodities – a market that is reliable, trusted, and offers equitable prices for commodities processed in accord to best and international criteria. We strive to distribute and deliver our product safely, efficiently, and consistently to the end-markets, without an inch of deceit, fault-practice or use of artificial commodities.


  • To process the commodities to international standards
  • To provide a reliable market and equitable prices for commodities
  • To transform communities, countries and the entire African Continent
  • To efficiently and consistently deliver the commodities to the end market


  • Providing high quality products & services to all of our clients
  • Invest in our employees to provide better service and company growth
  • Worry about enviroment according to latest industry standard
  • Safety as top priority in assuring safe work procedures
  • Investing in technology to provide fast, acurate and cost-effective service
  • Living up to highest industry standards

Our core values


Always learning

Latest Technology

Safety & Quality

Care for Environment

Become a part of our team

Ahmed Rafat
Ahmed Rafat

Company founder & CEO

Dejan Mašovič
Dejan Mašovič

Company founder & Europe Manager

Mahmoud Rafat
Mahmoud Rafat

Legal Department Manager

Mohamed Bahbah
Mohamed Bahbah

Human Resources Department Manager

Mohamed Elsherbiny
Mohamed Elsherbiny

ERP Account Manager

Abadallah Alnady
Abadallah Alnady

Warehouses General Manager

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